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Google Tag Manager For Beginners cover

"This book is an impressive foray into the world of Google Tag Manager" Simo Ahava

"A wonderful way to get started with Google Tag Manager..."


A sort of little editorial miracle, the first Italian version of "Google Tag Manager For Beginners", was welcomed with great enthusiasm in Italy, where it has contributed significantly to the dissemination and use of this incredible tool throughout the Italian community of web professionals.

Defined as the "Google Tag Manager Bible" and acclaimed by the top Italian experts in the field, Matteo Zambon's manual is finally available in English, in a completely revised and updated version.

In particular, the preface by Simo Ahava and Julius Fedorovicius, two prominent figures of the web analytics community, and the brand new enhanced ecommerce section enrich this new English edition making it a completely expanded and updated version of the original book.

Simo Ahava and Matteo

My business partner Roberto Guiotto (on the left), me and Simo Ahava, Co-founder and Senior Data Advocate at 8-bit sheep (on the right)

Avinash Kaushik with Matteo Zambon at the SMXL Milan 2016

Avinash Kaushik, Google's Digital Marketing Evangelist and one of the world's top authorities on digital analytics, plus me

Krista Seiden with Matteo Zambon present the book 'Google Tag Manager for those who start'

With Krista Seiden, former Product Manager for Google Analytics, now Vice President, Product Marketing & Growth at Quantcast

Nicola Briani Photo
Nicola Briani

Web Marketing Specialist, AdView

(...) With his articles, books, Tag Manager Italia website, and incredible passion for tools, Matteo has been a reference point and important helping hand in making GTM clear and easy to digest for everyone.

Paolo Zanzottera Photo
Paolo Zanzottera

Data Scientist, Triboo Data Analytics S.r.l.

(...) Using Google Tag Manager is therefore of fundamental importance, and Matteo Zambon is one of the biggest experts on it. In this book, he clearly and simply illustrates all the aspects of online data management, from using Data Layer to implementing a User ID. Thanks to Matteo, managing data is a piece of cake.

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Book Google Tag Manager For Beginners
Google Tag Manager For Beginners cover

Google Tag Manager For Beginners

"...a wonderful way to get started with GTM." Simo Ahava



A look inside "Google Tag Manager for Beginners":

  • Advance Praise
  • Foreword by Simo Ahava and Frank Merenda
  • Chapter 1. Let’s Make a Deal
  • Chapter 2. What in the World is Google Tag Manager and what is it for?
  • Chapter 3. Google Tag Manager: Main Elements
  • Chapter 4. Creating and Installing a Google Tag Manager Account
  • Chapter 5. Useful Tools for Google Tag Manager
  • Chapter 6. Let's Begin Using Google Tag Manager
  • Chapter 7. Managing (successfully) E-commerce with Google Tag Manager
  • Chapter 8. Selected Case Studies
  • Chapter 9. CHAPTER BONUS – Three Common Cases (plus one more) Where Google Tag Manager Cannot Meet Your Web Marketing Initiatives
  • Chapter 10. More Matteo Zambon and Tag Manager Italia Products
  • FREE BONUSES for a total value of 338,00 Euro
Google Tag Manager For Beginners cover
Luca Orlandini photo
Luca Orlandini

CEO Futura Immagine

Matteo is my reference point not only for using Google Tag Manager but also for PPC campaigns in Google Ads. His “rational” approach to PPC is perfect for people like me who have a more creative mind and focus on the message. His professional development over recent years has been enormous.

Francesco Tinti photo
Francesco Tinti

This GTM book is not just “a” book, but THE book. Matteo is able to take an incredibly super boring and confusing subject, like pixel tracking of a website (we can say it!) and make it fun and easy. After reading Matteo’s book, Google Tag Manager becomes child’s play. The concepts are laid out so simply that even if you have never managed tags or web analysis in your life, you will be able to put your newfound knowledge into practice and start to track seriously.

Photo of Juluis Fedorovicius

"Thank you, Matteo, for writing this!
What are you waiting for? Grab it, read it, and learn it".

- Julius Fedorovicius, Founder of Analytics Mania

"Wait a minute. What is this Google Tag Manager thing and why should I use it?"

Google Tag Manager (GTM) is free software, created by Google, that integrates with Google Analytics and greatly expands its potential.

Little known fact: Google Tag Manager is an indispensable tool not only for web analysts but also for anyone working with the web: marketers, freelancers, account managers, developers, SEO/SEM professionals, social media specialists... you name it.

The reason being is that the features of GTM (which Matteo thoroughly addresses in the book) are numerous and still little known to the majority of web professionals.

An example? With Google Tag Manager you can:

  • correctly install and manage on your website all the tags needed for web analytics and web marketing tools to function, consequently, avoiding conflicts between different software and drastically reducing implementation and maintenance times;
  • peek on the behaviors of the users of your site, almost like as if they are participating in your own personal "Big Brother" TV show, in full compliance with the laws in force (GDPR, privacy regulations, etc.);
  • eliminate once and for all the frustrations that arise when having to deal with the (obligatory) assistance of other agencies and consultants. With GTM, you’re provided with a digital VIP pass that allows you to access and manipulate the front-end of your site, in complete autonomy, without having to dictate any required changes to the website developers.

Graphic that shows the Tag Management Usage Distribution in the Top 1 Million Sites

Tag Management Usage Distribution in the Top 1 Million Sites according to BuithWith

Graphic that shows the Google Trends 'Interest over time' 2013 - 2019 for the 'Google Tag Manager' search phrase

The Google Trends "Interest over time" 2013 - 2019 graph for the search phrase "Google Tag Manager" (

Gianpaolo Lorusso photo
Gianpaolo Lorusso

Founder ADworld Experience

Matteo is credited with being among the first in Italy to understand the potential of Google Tag Manager. If you want to understand how GTM works, and you are interested in learning more about its advanced features, then Matteo’s guides and courses are, in my opinion, essential reading.

Ivano Di Biasi photo
Ivano Di Biasi

CEO, SEO Cube and SEO Zoom

(...) Matteo’s book is a true bible for learning GTM thoroughly and having complete control over any activity performed by the user on our websites. Everything is explained with extreme clarity and simplicity, with a unique approach that only those who have the complete knowledge of the tool are able to provide. This is a highly recommended book for anyone who wants to maximize the performance of their website.

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Google Tag Manager For Beginners cover
Google Tag Manager For Beginners cover

Google Tag Manager For Beginners

"...a wonderful way to get started with GTM." Simo Ahava




Partner of In Risalto, a digital company operating in Italy and Founder of Tag Manager Italia (the first Italian portal dedicated to Google Tag Manager), Matteo Zambon has decades of experience as a web developer alongside an in-depth specialization in SEM, SEO, and web analytics, consolidated with several Google certifications.

A Silver Product Expert in the Italian Google Advertiser Community, he has created and developed various structured System Integration projects, like IRMA – the first public service in Italy for booking public transport via SMS.

Matteo was the first Italian popularizer of Google Tag Manager. He is a go-to expert when it comes to learning and disseminating GTM and other tag management systems at highlevel events. He is the author of the first book in Italian on the subject (Google Tag Manager for Beginners, 2015), which has been translated into English. It is a bestseller in its category on Amazon, which is now in its second English edition.

Furthermore, Matteo has produced Al Comando, the first video course in Italian on Google Tag Manager. It is considered one of the most advanced and complete GTM courses.

Alongside this book, Matteo’s latest endeavor includes Club Tag Manager Italia, the first online club dedicated to advanced Italian users of Google Tag Manager and other tag management systems. Here, he hosts webinars, whitepapers, and videos with the most up-to-date information on GTM is shared.

When he is not working with Google Tag Manager, Matteo is with Staff at In Risalto, implementing vital structured digital strategies and bringing together SEO/SEM/web analytics skills plus full stack web software development.

For details related to Zambon’s interviews, conferences, and consultancies, please contact [email protected] For press information on the author and/or Google Tag Manager, please contact [email protected].

Matteo Zambon portrait photo Matteo at the Search Marketing Connect 2017 Matteo explaining Tag Manager at the Search Marketing Connect 2018
Matteo making his speech at the E-commerce School 2019
Panoramica della sala del Social Media strategies, mentre Matteo spiega Tag Manager
Matteo con le slide al E-commerce School 2019
Matteo with Peter ONeil at MeasureCamp Milan 2018
Matteo with John Mueller
Matteo a Madrid con Gianluca Fiorelli e Emanuele Arosio
Matteo Zambon Presentation about Project Andromeda on MeasureCamp London
Matteo Zambon and Rand Fishkin
Matteo Zambon, Julius Fedorovicius, Julian Juenemann, Grant Kemp and Roberto Guiotto on Measurecamp London
Brian Clifton, Matteo Zambon on SuperWeek
Matteo Zambon, Jim Sterne
Roberto Guitto, Scott Herman, Brian Kuhn, Matteo Zambon

What experts say about "Google Tag Manager for beginners"

Enrico Altavilla photo
Enrico Altavilla

SEO Consultant

As an author on tag management systems, particularly Google Tag Manager, I can’t imagine a more influential professional than Matteo Zambon. Beyond his evident skill, I am delighted that he has taken such a complicated subject and written a book that starts from the basics and handles it in an extremely practical and concrete way.

Marco Biagiotti photo
Marco Biagiotti

Gold Product Expert Google Ads and Google Analytics

(...) This manual allows you to learn the basics of Google Tag Manager, which in my opinion, is one of the best TMS on a practical level. Matteo, a distinguished expert on the subject, also reveals the potential that goes well beyond web analytics. There are many talks out there on “data-driven” decisions. With this book, you will actually start taking them

Gianluca Binelli photo
Gianluca Binelli

Managing Director
Booster Box

(...) The best chefs can rustle up memorable dishes from the same ingredients. Data analysis is very similar to this process. A deeper level of sophistication brings extraordinary results with the same ingredients. In today’s web marketing, data analysis may be the main element. Matteo Zambon is a Michelin-starred chef and, through this book, gives us the keys to his Google Tag Manager kitchen.

Ale Agostini photo
Ale Agostini

Entrepreneur and Partner at Bruce Clay Europe

Is your Facebook Pixel monitoring driving you crazy? Does the web agency forget to update the tracking codes of your digital marketing tools? Read Matteo’s work, where through the platform settings you can begin the Google Tag Manager journey. For the non IT crowd, fasten your seatbelts before taking off!

Emanuele Arosio photo
Emanuele Arosio

Head of SEO
Bootique (Triboo Digitale Group)

(...) Google Tag Manager is certainly among the most used tools and, in my opinion, Matteo is one of the most experienced professionals in the Italian digital field. I have no choice but to urge anyone wishing to take a direct path specializing in the world of digital analytics to read this book.

Moreno Bonechi photo
Moreno Bonechi

Co-Founder Snyffo
Pioneers in Marketing Automation

(...) With the second edition of his book, updated and enriched by invaluable case studies, Matteo explains the basics of Google Tag Manager and illustrates its incredible potential, not to mention the embellishments of his pleasant, ironic tone. If you want to increase your sales using data offered by your online presence, then Matteo’s book is a must have.

Luca Bove photo
Luca Bove

Founder, Local Strategy

Google Tag Manager is love at first sight... if you know how to use it! (...) This is why we must thank Matteo, whose second edition of the “Google Tag Manager” book not only provides the ground for all those dipping their toes into this world but also takes on a series of practical cases that serve as a starting point for their projects.

Francesco Chiappini photo
Francesco Chiappini

Founder Ecommerce School

(Matteo Zambon) is one of the first people in Italy to explain the Tag Management Systems using practical guides, courses, and now the latest edition of his book. I have had the pleasure of meeting him on several occasions. Besides being very competent, he’s also really likable!

Andrea Cardinali photo
Andrea Cardinali

CEO T.C. Informatica S.r.l.

(...) I can only recommend reading this book and that you make sure to start using GTM.

Riccardo Esposito photo
Riccardo Esposito

Freelance Blogger and Copywriter

Matteo’s book is important. It facilitates the use of Google Tag Manager in the best possible way. GTM is a refined tool that cannot just be left up to fate. Having this book means taking the first step toward effective management of everything you need for your web marketing campaign.

Benedetto Motisi photo
Benedetto Motisi

Founder Jedi Consulting

Ok, Matteo the metalhead has achieved something really special. This is a book that explains simply how to become a more skilled and data oriented professional... leading to better results.

Giovanni Favero photo
Giovanni Favero

Web Analytics Specialist, MOCA Interactive S.r.l.

I believe that one of the most knowledgeable and eminent people in Italy when it comes to GTM is Matteo Zambon. With his project, Tag Manager Italia, he managed to create a wonderful community around this tool where users can share knowledge, experience, and exchange opinions. The second edition of his book, together with the huge video content of the site, is an excellent starting point for anyone wanting to understand Google Tag Manager, as well as for anyone looking for the best practices in digital analytics.

William Sbarzaglia photo
William Sbarzaglia

Digital Marketer

Matteo Zambon teaches Google Tag Manager far and wide, making it clearer for everyone, and doing it with enthusiasm, dedication, passion, and creativity.

Francesco De Nobili photo
Francesco De Nobili

Consultant, Researcher and Trainer in Integrated Digital Marketing

(...) This guide has been written impeccably by Matteo Zambon, or rather, Mr. Google Tag Manager, as I love calling him at digital marketing events!

Marco Maltraversi photo
Marco Maltraversi

Co-Organizer of the MB Summit

Google Tag Manager is undoubtedly an excellent solution that is not limited to those who do SEO. It allows you to set up and configure scripts, tags, and much more in just a few simple steps. In his book, Matteo Zambon recounts his experience and explains how best to use this tool that hides so much potential.

Luna Mascitti photo
Luna Mascitti

Google Ads Silver Product Expert

I recommend this book to anyone taking those first steps towards web analytics, handling related topics routinely, and working with Google Tag Manager. Congratulations to Matteo and his book. I am expecting great things!

Jacopo Matteuzzi photo
Jacopo Matteuzzi

CEO Studio Samo

(...) Google Tag Manager is an advanced tracking system, free, complete, and essential for those involved in web marketing. Matteo is now recognized, both online and offline, as the leading Italian expert on this tool. So, no excuse—you need to read this book.

Valentina Vellucci photo
Valentina Vellucci

Digital Analyst Magilla Guerrilla

Detailed, practical, and complete. These three adjectives best describe Matteo Zambon’s work in his new Google Tag Manager manual. The book guides the reader through the full and complex path of GTM. Matteo’s rich, direct, and concise style is full of examples that let us enter the magic world of GTM with curiosity and precision. Thank you, Matteo, for sharing all your know how with us! Enjoy!

Riccardo Rodella photo
Riccardo Rodella

General Manager, SALES Manago Italia

This is a straightforward book that starts with metaphors to slowly introduce more technical aspects, transforming a subject that can be very complicated, making it accessible to everyone.

Antonio Michele Meraglia photo
Antonio Michele Meraglia

Founder Stravideo

What you are about to read is not only the most complete theoretical manual on the subject, but a real gold mine of practical advice that will allow you to implement GTM in any project. Thanks Matteo!

Marco Volpe photo
Marco Volpe


Now, there really is #noexcuse to ignore Google Tag Manager. Matteo and the Tag Manager Italia team offer a complete view of the tool that is constantly evolving, as well as a series of cases, resolved, and managed, that are very familiar to many of my clients. Given web development, and digital development in general, in terms of business intelligence, one analysis tool is no longer enough. Google Tag Manager, used correctly, can update everything #problemfree.

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Google Tag Manager For Beginners cover
Google Tag Manager For Beginners cover

Google Tag Manager For Beginners

"...a wonderful way to get started with GTM." Simo Ahava



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